FILM PROJECTS: The Three Brothers

The Three Brothers

The Three Borthers by Jan Sverak

Musical fairy tale.

Parents of three brothers decide to send their sons out into the world. They are ment to overcome their character flaws, find themselves a bride and look after family farm. While pilgrimage the brothers enter famous fairy tales that bring many traps, unexpected situations a maybe even love.

Musical fairy tale The Three Brothers serves advanture, surprising moments and kind-hearted humour. Story including popular songs were created by famous Czech authors Zdenek Sverak and Jaroslav Uhlir.

For a long time director Jan Sverak has been searching for a right fairy tale theme to collaborate with his father, screenplay writer Zdenek Sverak again. Cast includes well-known actors such as Tomas Klus, Vojtech Dyk, Zdenek Piskula, Oldrich Kaiser, Jiri Labus, Ivana Chylkova, Bolek Polivka and many others.

 Lion Pilsen

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